Original Music Album update Oct 21 2021


Shelley Bryce and Paul C McD have been writing and arranging an 8 song digital album since late 2020.
It's an exciting collaboration with a unique contemporary style of music based on words and poetry written by Shelley over the past years. It gives a insight into her life, the struggles, the wins, and the messages she portrays in her songs for inspiration.

Working on Shelley's songs has been a wonderful life skills project and a creative outlet for her art. 
Workshop activities have included, vocal training, music scores and composing, music software education  lyric development, and community involvement.

Survivor  is available here
It will be available on other music streaming platforms soon and TBA
Survivor is being made possible with the assistance with the N.D.I.S National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Sharni and Kye's animated story series update June 17 2021


Sharni and Kye have been putting together an exciting new animation series to entertain and educate kids of all ages.
Participating in all aspects of multi media production from character voices, singing and acting to video editing and musical interludes.
The adventures of Chrissy the singing Lama episodes include, Going shopping, Going to the hotel, Going to the Olympics and Going to school.  It teaches life skills and communication, confidence in public speaking performance skills., and working with multimedia software.

This project is being made possible with the assistance with the N.D.I.S National Disability Insurance Scheme.


From the "Dreamphonium" project by Yousonics
A unique selection of ambient tracks for well being.

Featuring all 12 Tracks

Click here to view on DREAMPHONIUM


"The Revolutionists" by The Curators

Music arrangement and sound production for this unique new live theatre show in Brisbane,
Australia. We feature 5 tracks including original Catwalk music and 4 cover arrangements of popular songs.






Mini Concerts

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