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If you would like to be a Live streaming performer on Yousonics Mini Concerts, this page will provide you with information on how to be part of our platform for Live performance.

Audience members will experience superior sound, reliable streaming, a great looking performance with digital and virtual stage sets, chat room for interaction and easy payment portal all direct from the Live streaming page. 
Currently you can perform from Yousonics Studio or Remote Streaming from your own location.


Mini Concerts Format :

1 to 2 Hours Maximum.

Live stream promotion via Social Media by the performer and Yousonics websites at least 1 week prior.

If using the Yousonics studio:

We only allow for solo to trio groups only (No Live drums). 
Only performers or members of the group are permitted to enter the studio.
Strictly no audience members or visitors are allowed. 
Allow a 90 min set up with 30 mins of stream testing.

Remote streaming
Same format as above from your own space without group limitations and volume restrictions.


Provided :

All production, sound and vision.  Remote streaming sound and vision is re mastered in real time into a platform.

Public or private chat room available on Live streaming page. For both in Studio and Remote streaming.

Digital or virtual Backgrounds
For both in Studio and Remote streaming.

Mixer, PA, Monitors, basic lighting available in studio.



Payment by audience members watching Live stream is made via PayPal.

Being paid for your performance is similar to crowd funding platforms.
The more audience you can receive to watch you online the better.
This could be increased by your social media marketing skills.

Yousonics websites including our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also promote each Live streaming event.

Payment options for your audience are provided on the Live streaming page :
Donations only (Digital Busking)
or pay per view, audience is required to pay an upfront fee before viewing.

Distribution of funds :
If you have a PayPal account (recommended) funds can be transferred on the day of performance
If you don't have a PayPal account funds can be transferred generally in 2 weeks
Yousonics deducts 20% of funds received to cover monthly production costs, software and servers 



Look at Live streaming being as unplugged as possible. 
The simplicity of a 2 hour gig with a small set up is all that is needed. 

Because you are performing from a compact space, sound volume required is minimal.

Encourage your friends and followers to use suitable technology for viewing, E.g, Smart Tv with a good sound system or Desktop/Laptop with decent sound or speakers. If using their phones, encourage them to use headphones for a better experience.
All sound is in 44 k stereo.

If using Yousonics studio location, Arrive in plenty of time for set up.

Note that the world of internet streaming can have technical hitches that are beyond our control E.g, External servers down or maintenance, phone and internet servers reliability E.g, Phone, service providers etc.

Be aware that when Live streaming to different locations around the world, there will be a time difference. These are listed on the Live streaming page for you world audience's convenience. 


   Remote Streaming 

By setting up your own home stage for performance you can stream your performance from virtually anywhere in the world *

You will need :

A webcam/digital camera via your laptop/desktop or phone camera
Microphone or line out from a mixing desk into your laptop/desktop
A streaming portal. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Skype, YouNow Etc
An internet connection or 4 mbps or more and upload speed of 2 mbps
Check you internet speed HERE

We will work with you via email and video to set up your remote streaming performance so it looks good and sounds good.
All the effects and enhancements used if streaming from the studio are available for remote streaming also, including exclusive site, chat room, virtual and digital backdrops and payment portal. 

* Pending on your internet connection, service provider, and maintenance in your location etc

So if it all sounds good ! submit a no obligation performance request via our form here.
(You may need to log in with your google account)
We will get in touch with you via email to confirm your performance dates, and go over any other information or requests.

Alternatively contact us via email for more information, always here to help.





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