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Mini Concerts / Live streaming

A good internet connection above 4 mbps. You can check your internet speed here 
A Smart TV, Computer or Laptop. Your phone is great, but you won't get the full experience without a good set of headphones at least.
A decent sound system will enhance your experience as our Mini concerts are live streamed with good sound quality.

The average Mini Concert will live stream between 45 mins and 1 hour depending on the artists.
You will find a Live streaming Schedule each week on the Mini Concerts page here

We will charge a pay per view in the future.
Currently we only ask for donations via our Digital Tip Jar to cover operational costs and pay our performing artists
Please read Terms and Conditions here

There are sometimes  factors which may cause interuption to your internet connection. If the problem is on our end via our server or any other reason you will be refunded if you are unable to watch the rest of the concert. Check Terms and Conditions here

Yes, there is a chat room to interact with our moderator live from the studio.You will also be able to interact with other audience members.

We welcome all new artists to our Live stage. If you would like to be a performer contact us here



We produce music for a range of different purposes:

Full backing with authentic orchestral and band arrangements for original songs, albums and projects.
Music and Soundtracks for Film and Multi-media
Royalty free original music for YouTube, Tik Tok, and social media platforms.
Music Jingles for Radio, TV, and Internet advertising.

Productions from the studio are created with:

Pro Tools Software, Yamaha and Roland 88 note keyboards played with authentic and carefully chosen Sound Fonts.
The closest real sound of any instrument is reproduced in the studio from Drums and bass to a full orchestra.
Real Players, E.G., Guitarists and Woodwind, Brass can be hired for production at an additional cost.

Yes, with the wonder of technology there is no limitation on where we can send productions. There may be times when a large sound file E.G., wave file, will need a good internet connection, time and data plan to download.
Yousonics is a culturally diverse studio with an emphasis on creating world connections.

Our Ambient Music site at   www.dreamphonium.com
Our collection of tracks and sounds from the Archive here
Our home page will frequently update new projects for you to listen to a watch.


Workshops / Tuition

All our tuition, training, and workshops can be conducted online or in person if you live in Australia or New Zealand.
Contact us about your ambitions to be a performer, your current skills and objectives.

Because we cater to a "world wide" industry we do not offer a certified document by any local authority, state or country but we offer an offical Yousonics certificate stating your completion.

Access to Skype video , Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. Stay tuned for more information on group tuition online and multi-video.

There are sometimes factors which may cause interuption to your internet connection. If the problem is on our end via our server or any other reason you will be either refunded for that lesson, or time added free of charge when the connection starts again. Check Terms and Conditions here.

Online :  $30.00 AUD per hour
At the Studio (Limited Times) : $50.00 AUD per hour
Home visits (Local Area only) : $60.00 AUD per hour

You will be sent to an online payment page before commencing any Tution.
All fees are payable via PayPal or Bank Deposit



Using production techniques to "Reproduce" "Recolour" or "Transform" your song into a professional presentation, from poorly recorded audio.
Adding instrumentation or orchestration to audio and video E.g, YouTube, Tik Tok, Etc

First of all you should register your work with a PRO writer service or organization such as APRA/AMCOS (Australia) or applicable services in your country. You will find a list of copyright collection societies here

If you intend to publish a cover song on YouTube or other popular social media, you are responsible for agreeing to copyright terms and conditions directly with the site. If you need advice contact us via email for more information.

Currently you need to allow 1 week for your song to be re-produced

A request form is available here

You can send us an MP3 copy of your song that is no more than 8Mb via email. It is also possible to copy your song directly from sites it is published on with your permission. Your final product will be available to download via a link which we will send you after completion. 







Mini Concerts